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Psalm 146:2   Thought/Prayer:  Singing Particularly Strong.  Topics:  2 at en d.

“As long as I live will I praise Jehovah; I will sing psalms unto my God while I have my being.”  (DBT)  Read this scripture and more at

At the senior-living complex, there are two times when the singing gets going particularly strong:  Singing good ol’ gospel songs and patriotic ones.  Strike up a good rhythm on the piano – not too fast for some perhaps – and the voices begin to blend with gusto.

Near the 4th of July, the American songs are always belted out.  Also, they are sung at Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Veterans’ Day; all times to remember and honor and show love for our nation.  It’s rewarding to hear voices-of-age still joining together for the shared intent of praising our nation and those who have made it great . . . . those who are still making it great.

It puts a bit of a softlight on aging.  It shines a light on the fact that age has nothing to do with patriotism and love of nation.  In fact, for those who lived during the II World War, the singing of these great songs and hymns is a sure reminder of how things were.  Terrible for some and for a long time.  But now they sing joy.

We are losing our WWII veterans daily.  This just underscores the need to give them opportunity to sing their love of country.  It might be just gathering around the piano at a granddaughter’s home; maybe the grandson strums guitar chords for “America the Beautiful.”  Maybe octogenarians are singing in choruses across the country.  But sing they will!

The notes of music speak all languages.  The melody of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” is surely recognizable worldwide, but with the accents of spoken words from many languages.  But it is so important that older folks are included and get to express their feelings, whatever the tune or language.

As we strive for men and women to live to their natural end-of-life, it may help that they are included in celebrations, musical and other, that improve the quality of life, even if there are ongoing and threatening medical problems.  Lord, may we do whatever we can, whether musical or not, to allow the older generations to be a true part of whatever is going on, as their abilities allow. 

And, Lord, don’t let us forget that many of these folks realize a great deal more than we can see.  We pray that they will realize You!

Topics:  Pray for opportunity to share with older people, whether it be love of nation, love of God, or just personal stories.  Pray that they will be included.
Unborn Cry for Justice

Posted by Gail Richardson on 07/05 at 10:53 AM
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