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Psalm 147:16-19   Thought/Prayer:  Brrrrrr.  Topics:  2 at end.

“He gives snow like wool, and scatters frost like ashes.  He hurls down his hail like pebbles. Who can stand before his cold?  He sends out his word, and melts them. He causes his wind to blow, and the waters flow.  He shows his word to Jacob; his statutes and his ordinances to Israel.”  WEB (Read this scripture and more at

On a bitter cold night what is better than cozying up at home with nowhere to go?  What is better than not having to get out into nature’s freezer?  Nothing, pretty much—at that given moment in time.  We are just thankful that God created homes for us and the wherewithal to heat them and cool them toward human tolerances. 

So we see here that it is, of course, God who created weather; God who manages weather; God who provides for humans to survive extreme weather.

When we have bitter cold winters we are so grateful to be snug and warm.  Folks have ministries to those who are not snug or warm, providing coats, blankets, gloves and a hot cup of soup.  We all would choose to be kept warm and comfy.  We don’t like going out into the elements when we know we will not be comfortable. 

There is one warm place, however, where we do not stay for warmth and comfort:  the womb.  The baby in the womb is surrounded by warmth and comfort.  Floating in that fluid God created is a great cushioning.  Being at mother’s body temperature is also planned by God and positive.  And even with floating in liquid, babies are able to stretch and move about, strengthening their muscles and limbs.

But, no . . . we are not scheduled to remain comfortable like this when we are preborn.  We must exit!  The loved womb is not the final destination; it’s just a beginning point.

So out and into our new world we go, a world that is not always warm or cushy . . . or even desirable.  This is the plan.  God’s plan is to keep us protected within Mother . . . and then to send us out to live out the days He has planned for us.

Sadly, millions of people have not been allowed to do this, to experience the full-length of time in the “home” within Mother, and then to leave at the designated time (designated by God) into their designated lifetime home, that being planet Earth.  No, over 50,000,000 of our nation alone have been denied this.  Either the time in the womb is shortened (early-on or late) or immediately after exiting.  It’s just too horrible to understand.

Lord, help us to pray for those babies and their mothers, women who are providing the pre-birth home . . . that they will carry to term and give their babies a chance at taking on Planet Earth, even with its often bitter winters.  Pray that many babies today will be saved from the planned premature exit that may be in the minds of their mothers. 

Topics:  Pray for babies to be allowed to experience the warmth and gentleness of the womb until just the right, predicted time of exit into life on Earth.
Peter Shinn’s ministries:  Pro-Life Unity

Posted by Gail Richardson on 01/24 at 05:59 AM
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