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Psalm 49:5-9

Thought/Prayer.  Money Paid, In Reverse.  Topics:  2 at end.

The New Living translation:
  “5 Why should I fear when trouble comes,
    when enemies surround me?
  6 They trust in their wealth
    and boast of great riches.
  7 Yet they cannot redeem themselves from death
    by paying a ransom to God.
  8 Redemption does not come so easily,
    for no one can ever pay enough
  9 to live forever
    and never see the grave.”

The Revised Standard Version puts it this way:
“Truly no man can ransom himself,
or give to God the price of his life,
for the ransom of his life is costly, and can never suffice,
that he should continue to live on for ever, and never see the Pit.”

Quite frankly, I don’t know exactly what all of this means, even after looking up some commentaries on these verses, but it has to do with not being able to buy our way into Heaven.

But what caught my attention is in reverse, as I read scripture this morning:  No one can “give to God the price of his life . . .” it says.  This is so true. But I was taken aback because we do give money for the price of a life.  We are giving money to abortionists for the extreme opposite of these scripture verses. 

Men and women are given money to take a life, not to redeem it.  We humans can never redeem ourselves, but we do give money to end a life.

Pray today that thousands and thousands more will see the folly in this human transaction, see what is really going on, see the need to stop this.

Topics:  Pray for one employee in each abortion clinic to decide to pursue a positive career in life.  Pray that things would change at the clinics in order that there can be positive employment opportunities there.

Pray for Peter Shinn – that he will have the strength of God every day, for his pro-life ministries.

Posted by Gail Richardson on 12/06 at 01:14 AM
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