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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Psalm 65 (Pt. 4)  Thought/Prayer:  The Crown of the Year.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Praise Waits for You, God, in Zion
1To the end, a psalm of David. The canticle of Jeremias and Ezechiel to the people of the captivity, when they began to go out. A Hymn, O God, becometh thee in Sion: and a vow shall be paid to thee in Jerusalem.
2O hear my prayer: all flesh shall come to thee.
3The words of the wicked have prevailed over us: and thou wilt pardon our transgressions.
4Blessed is he whom thou hast chosen and taken to thee: he shall dwell in thy courts. We shall be filled with the good things of thy house; holy is thy temple,
5wonderful in justice. Hear us, O God our saviour, who art the hope of all the ends of the earth, and in the sea afar off.
6Thou who preparest the mountains by thy strength, being girded with power:
7who troublest the depth of the sea, the noise of its waves. The Gentiles shall be troubled,
8and they that dwell in the uttermost borders shall be afraid at thy signs: thou shalt make the outgoings of the morning and of the evening to be joyful.
9Thou hast visited the earth, and hast plentifully watered it; thou hast many ways enriched it. The river of God is filled with water, thou hast prepared their food: for so is its preparation.
10Fill up plentifully the streams thereof, multiply its fruits; it shall spring up and rejoice in its showers.
11Thou shalt bless the crown of the year of thy goodness: and thy fields shall be filled with plenty.
12The beautiful places of the wilderness shall grow fat: and the hills shall be girded about with joy,
13The rams of the flock are clothed, and the vales shall abound with corn: they shall shout, yea they shall sing a hymn.”  (DRB)  Read this scripture and more at

Verses 10 and 11: “Fill up plentifully the streams thereof, multiply its fruits; it shall spring up and rejoice in its showers.
Thou shalt bless the crown of the year of thy goodness: and thy fields shall be filled with plenty.” 

Speaking of the Earth, the psalmist is very glad.  He is glad toward God, glad for all of His gifts to mankind through the natural world He created.  And the descriptions he uses are hopeful and lovely.  He asks God to fill up the streams a great deal and to multiply what comes from the streams.  He tells us that the earth shall “spring up” and “rejoice” in its rain showers.  Can’t we just see it?  Rain showers.  Freely running streams with much fish and other creatures living among fish.  Maybe frogs and water bugs?  And all of this is springing up out of the creation of God.  Who makes all of this spring up and exist and grow?  God, the One who is being extolled here.

The crown of the year?  The peak of natural existence?  The time when harvest is great and everything is at its most beautiful and pleasing to the eye?  When something crowns, it is brought to the top or culminated in a good way.  Even years can crown with God’s great effects. 

This may seem far-removed from someone who is going through troubling times regarding death and life.  But in our prayers perhaps we can envision peace and plenty in the lives of these folks who struggle so.  Perhaps a mind vision of places such as are described in this psalm can help us quiet our own hearts and appeal to the God who does create beauty and plenty in nature.  He can do it in the human heart.

Topics:  Pray for God’s peace and beauty to come to those who struggle with great issues of LIFE.
Missionaries – Foreign - as they deal with LIFE issues in their service

Posted by Gail Richardson on 08/25 at 10:05 AM
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