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Psalm 74:17 (Pt. 4)  Thought/Prayer:  Kicking Against Boundaries?  Topics:  2 at end.

“You have set all the boundaries of the earth. You have made summer and winter.”  WEB (Read this scripture and more at

Lord You keep us because you love us.  You put hedges around us of Your protection (Job 1).  You tell us how far we can go here or there; You are constantly on the lookout for us.  And You set us boundaries.

Reading Your Word, we learn of the limits You set for us.  You gave us 10 Commandments.  You inspired men to write thousands of words about You and Your work in the family of mankind.  And perhaps most of all, You convict us when we are too far astray for our own good and for the good of Your work in us.

Yes, you hedge us about; you hem us in; you convict us with walls of righteousness, walls we cannot see: but they are there.

Lord, how is it that we can know, either suddenly or over a series of days, years or events, that we are approaching an uncomfortable border with You – which almost always includes a border regarding people and their part in our lives . . . and our part in theirs.  Being convicted that we are either too far out or too far this way or that way can be a heavy thing.  And we realize it’s You.  You are speaking to us through this conviction.  And try as we may, we cannot ignore You for long.

You gave us humans the will to go and do . . . to live and act.  And we generally like going our own ways.  But when, dear Lord, we consider Your work in us and the manner in which is plays out in our lives, we know that we will not always be going “our way.”  No, there are your boundaries.  And we can either push against them or live within them.

Lord, we do not like being told what to do because You made us to live lives as independent folks; this can be a good thing, not to depend upon others for our needs.  But when we come against Your will and kick against it (kicking against the goad is the way it was described to the apostle Paul when He had been in rebellion against Christ and persecuted Christians – Acts 9:5) please help us to realize where our pain is coming from (from Your convicting us).  Then help us to become once more aligned properly with Your guiding hand.

Lord, help us to realize the walls of righteousness we try to go against.  And help us to not go beyond boundaries in service for LIFE causes.  Only by observing Your boundaries of protection will we truly be able to serve the unborn the best.

Topics:  Pray for wisdom to know when God is telling us we are fighting against His boundaries.  And, Lord, help us to be willing to stop!
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Posted by Gail Richardson on 02/28 at 08:57 PM
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