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Psalm 77:11   Thought/Prayer: It Took Me Back.  Topics:  2 at end.

“I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old.”  WEB   (Read this scripture and more at

It was an afternoon and evening of being taken back, back to teenhood in my life.  It was a grandson who was playing baseball in my hometown, on a field in the small town’s park, the park having been there for many decades, including mine.  It was the same park where, as teenagers, we would drive our cars to the field and park outside the chain-link fence to watch the ballgame a bit.  There were always many cars there probably mostly for convenience of older folks.

I remembered.  Faces and names came back to me; certain activities reclaimed my attention . . . things such as learning to swim in the now-gone swim pool; playing small band concerts in the “shell” (not really a shell as is often built for acoustical enhancement, but a little octagon-shaped structure in the park); class-reunion picnics over a few years.

My remembering made me wonder about something.  The park is lined with many very large trees.  No, I don’t know the variety of tree that they are, but they reach waaaaay up skyward and are very showy with their green, spreading leaf-works waaaay up to the top.  I wondered:  Are these the same trees as I knew?  I remember, of course, that the park’s ground grew trees.  They don’t seem as big as the ones are now;  but then perspective changes.  However, I feel that they may well have been the same.  If they were slow-growing like oaks, they might well still be there, just out of stubborn sturdiness, surviving many a storm and wind.

I remembered well.  I remembered fondly.  I hope I can remember God, as the writer is promising in this scripture.  I hope I remember God and his works and HIs wonders, of old.  Maybe these trees are something of a wonder: as examples of wondrous endurance.  Surely I will.  Surely, I must.  I could even become nostalgic about His wonders and works.  I’ll admit to nostalgia that afternoon and evening in the park of childhood and teenhood.  Why not get nostalgic over God and the experiences we’ve had with him over time!  If you are a young person, of course, there are not as many memories to “remember,” but you are building them every day and year.  Ask Him to bring them back to mind for some blessings later on!

Lord, help us to remember You . . . and not only You Yourself but all Your wonderful works in our lives and in pro-life efforts.  Help us to bring others to you in order to build into their memories all of Your goodnesses to them.  Help them to know blessings as they bring babies into this, our memorable world.

Topics:  Pray to be able to lead others to Christ and to then watch the blessings they receive as they build their future memories.
Kansans for LIFE and all other life groups under their state’s banner

Posted by Gail Richardson on 05/22 at 06:00 AM
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