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Psalm 92:13, 14   Thought/Prayer:  The Green of Music.  Topics:  2 at end.

When speaking of a righteous person, God says they will be, “Planted in the house of the LORD, They will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still yield fruit in old age; They shall be full of sap and very green, . . .” (NASB®) http://www.lockman.org (Read this scripture and more at

She was a small woman, grey-haired, and very concerned about the music her husband was getting out for a little program at a nursing home.  She told him again and again that the music was hers, not his.  He tried to tell her that he would use it for the program.  She just fussed around over it, agitated.

So a staff member sat down with her, got her some decaf, took her for a little walk down the hall to see something, kept her occupied during the performance.  It was a good plan, keeping her busy and distracted from the issue of the music. 

After the end of this short program, here she came.  She placed her small hands on the upper notes of the piano keys and started playing.  She played an old fun song about dancing, quite well.  I complimented her.  I said she could sit by me on the piano bench.  She was demure about it, but she did sit down and play some more; then I gave her the whole bench.

She played several songs totally without music.  And as pretty as the songs were, it was her face that was the true song.  In smiles, it seemed to shine.  It was transformed. 

Gone was the fretting frown.  Gone were the anxious glances and hovering around; gone was the effect of Alzheimer’s.  She was in an element of joy, and it showed.  It showed that she was still “in there.”  The essence of the person she is (and I say is, not was), became her true melody, rising up out of the music.  The disease had not erased all of her that was herself!  It was miraculous; yes, a transformation.   

I will not forget the program and this little lady.  It was such a beautiful event for me.  And it shows that God has planned into our selves, the selves of the entire human race, certain elements that are universal and timeless.  Music is one of these.  Everyone everywhere has potential to relate to a lovely tune.  Here it was a connector from her to those who were listening to the piano. 

This woman certainly connected with herself and others, and it was the highlight of the program for me – and many others probably if they realized what was going on.  She was truly green in her older age, but not to be seen from the outside.  It was her inner green that claimed the day for her and beautified it for others.

I don’t know anything about her relationship or righteousness with God, but I did see her displaying this inner green-ness.  Each child born has potential for inner green.  To develop the effects of this to be enjoyed, the child must be birthed.  Lord, we pray for an end to abortion so that all preborn children now and in the future will have a chance to show their green from You, clearly, until their last days. 
Topics:  Pray for those with Alzheimer’s, that they will be able to show their true selves, at least on occasion, for the joy of themselves, for the joy of others.
All abortionists’ employees around the globe.

Posted by Gail Richardson on 01/28 at 07:22 PM
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