2 Timothy 2:5   Thought/Prayer:  Rules of the Game.  Topics:  2 at end.

“And if any one takes part in an athletic contest, he gets no prize unless he obeys the rules.  (WEY)  (Read this scripture and more at http://prayerpivot.com.)

When huge national or international sports events take place, there is the greatest of hype, particularly with team sports that garner huge crowds in stadiums and arenas.  The players are interviewed; commentators get in place to report the action and give their views.  Commercials for television and even in the arenas and stadiums create their own hype.  But the basis for it all is:  a game is being played; people pay to watch it; and there will be winners and losers. 

But, as this scripture states, the participants much obey the rules of the game.  There is no game at all if the players just do their own thing.  It turns into a free-for-all.  This necessity for rule-following brings its own organization.  There are a host of referees, umpires, and judges who are educated about the rules and learn how to call infractions and deliver the penalties.  This part of the game in itself necessitates many jobs and other associated aspects such as referee uniforms, umpire body protection and such. 

So in pro-life work, how does this apply?  We might say that standing for created LIFE is part of the game of life, as we may call the lives we live.  So then, how do we follow the rules?

In sports, the rules have basic purposes, one of which is fairness.  If a referee lets players run all over each other, the game isn’t fair and the outcome will not be worthy.  Plus, someone can easily get hurt.  In life, in general, this is a goal of living our lives:  Do it without hurting others.

In pro-life work, should we not follow the same guidelines?  Avoid harm to others, including those we serve with advice, support, and services; avoid harm to other pro-life ministries that are different from the one in which you or I participate. 

No, standing for the unborn and others who are at risk for death because of their age or condition, we must observe the rules – such as the rules of a game.  But our rules are God’s.  They are right there in the Bible which is our basic rule book. 

Lord, help us to know what You will have us do to stand for You and Your created life, birth to natural end.  In the “game of life,” playing for LIFE is dependent upon our willingness to go with Your rules and Your direction.

Topics:  Pray for wisdom from God in the actions we take in standing for Him and LIFE, according to His guidelines and rules.
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