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“Preach the word; be earnest in season, out of season, convict, rebuke, exhort, in all long-suffering and teaching, . . .” KJV http://www.bible.com (Read this scripture and more at http://prayerpivot.com)

Do you ever wake up in the morning with many great spiritual intentions?  You are going to go get your Bible, perhaps perk a little coffee, and you are going to read that Bible and pray and get the day off to the best start possible.


This didn’t happen.

First mistake – turning on the computer and reading e-mail.  Seems to take a while, especially when you feel compelled to answer several items in the Inbox; and then reading one e-mail gets you on track to Google something on the ‘Net, and then you remember something else you wanted to check on while at the computer.  And then maybe you‘ve been up an hour or more, and the Bible still lies on the end table or sits on the shelf, unread. 

Second mistake – not calling yourself to attention and dressing yourself down real good for your failure.  In the military, this could happen, possibly with the result that the needed action took place.  Maybe dressing yourself down would bring yourself up short to realize where your priorities have been the first two hours you were up.

This surely must happen to all of us; or maybe there are some believers so dedicated to our Lord that they always are able to choose the best for themselves at the beginning of each day.  But for those of us who fail miserably at this doable goal, what can help us?  We’re instructed to be earnest in all seasons.  How do we get our earnestness to work when there are so many distractions to hinder our best intentions?

Well, we must admit that this is a problem; don’t ignore it.  If we are truly meaningful in the desire to start our days in this great manner, then we must admit that we don’t do this.  And, in asking God to help us, we must also be honest.  He knows every weakness; he can strengthen us in every weakness.

Perhaps a plan will help.  I believe I’ll try placing my Bible in a very visible spot in the house, a spot not off of the beaten pathways in the rooms.  Maybe if my eyes are reminded of how easy it is to pick up the Bible and open it—I will.  Also, either go to a place in the house where it seems conducive to reading the Bible.  Or go to a new place for fresh outlook.

Lord, help us to be earnest and faithful.  Help us in our weaknesses.  Help us to grow in You because we are faithful to Your Word.  We ask this of you, Lord, especially when we think of pro-life issues that need to be just and true.  We ask this of You.

Topics:  Pray for willingness to begin any day in the Bible and in prayer.
Pray for all abortionists around the globe.

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