Ecclesiastes 1:5   Thought/Prayer:  Equal Again.  Topics:  2 at end.

“The sun also rises, and the sun goes down, and hastens to his place where he arose.” AKJV (Read this scripture and more at

When things are seen to even out: It does happen.

When either of the equinox happenings come along twice a year, or when the summer solstice or the winter one come along twice a year, do you sometimes ponder it a bit?  (Here I am, writing about seasons again.)  For those of us who live where seasons are defined by changes in the weather, sometimes huge, we see the plan of God’s creative mind.  (He could have made the Earth the same temp all over with wind only blowing at certain times of the day, snow on a regulated schedule with a kaleidoscope of colors effect, etc., etc.)  But I digress.

It would seem that at the specific time of equal daylight and equal night, at the equator, things are divided “just right.”  They are.  And it is, of course, related to our star, the sun.  The center of the sun is exactly over the “center” of our Earth, (speaking of it vertically), the equator.  There we go:  equinox (equal night) and equator (equal north/south aspects to our globe, as though our globe were cut in ½ right through its vertical middle).  Yes, for one bit of our time, things are evened out with regard to night and day.

Why could this be intriguing to ponder?  Well, for one thing, it’s so natural.  It’s in the nature of things (night/day) for this to happen.  We, of course, refer to “mother nature”; it seems to be our way of describing the nurturing aspects of God, put into plants, trees, animals, etc.  Yes, Mother Nature is included in our vocabulary to describe the natural world, that, of course, includes daytime, nighttime, planets, suns, equators, equinoxes, and on and on.     

When we think of it, however, can we not see the great plan, God’s plan for our Earth to which He came to save us?  Everything is on God’s schedule that never ever varies, gets in a hurry, is delayed, or cancelled.  Our two-times-a-year equal-ness can be counted on to the very millisecond of occurrence.  We notice it.  We count on it, probably whether we know it or not.  We should enjoy it because it is proof of the Master’s hand in creation . . . not just at the moment of creation . . . but on and on and on and never ending. 

Lord, we thank You for all of Your creation, and we thank You for reminding us of its preciseness when we see it in nature.  Help us to remember and to share with others Your plan also to have each of us be born at our allotted time.  We don’t choose the time of our birth:  You do.  Help us to tell others about the wonderful plan you have for making great our universe and our births, all in Your timing.

Topics:  Pray for our appreciation of God’s plan for the natural world and also our lives to spill over to others who are trying to make sense of it all.
Local boards of education to make plans with created LIFE in mind.

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