Genesis 1:27   Thought/Prayer:

The Baby in the straw.  Granddad in the blankets.  Topics:  2 at end

“So God created human beings in his own image.  In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

The baby in the straw of a manger: the grandfather in the blankets of a hospice bed. 
This baby is the only One there ever was and the only One there ever will be; this grandfather is the only one there ever has been and the only one there will ever be, non-duplicated by God, unique. 

What could these two ever have in common?

LIFE.  And vulnerability. 

The King of the Universe, Jesus Christ, made Himself vulnerable.  A bed of straw could not assure financial soundness. 
And blankets of hospice cannot bode a safe physical future. 

But both of these lives represent LIFE.  Just by being God-created, there is something about each of these two that should bring thoughts of something higher, something beyond.  For the baby in the manger, as the Son of God, his highest is clearly God on High.  For the grandparent whose journey nears the end, as an individual creation he is from the Highest, our God on High.

Both are filled with life from the Creator.  Both lives have something to offer—to hold out to, or to create in, others.  Even the baby Jesus could not care for himself, which is why the Saviour is so lovable; he weakened himself to be with us, like us, and for us.  Our granddad here depends on others for care.  Therein we see God again, in the tender hands of a nurse or a hospice volunteer as they image aspects of God.  When we need each other God speaks volumes about our interactive relationships and our service, both inspired by Him.

Topics:  Pray today that these two types of individuals will be held up by others in prayer and care.

Pray that those caring for vulnerable newborns, perhaps with many challenges to living, will be particularly sensitive and caring today.

Pray that those caring for vulnerable senior citizens so often with many challenges to living, will be particularly sensitive and caring today.   


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