Hebrews 13:8(Pt.2)

Thought/Prayer:Jesus Christ:The same yesterday, today and forever.Topics:2 at end

What does this mean to us that the Lord Jesus Christ never changes?  What does it mean to a just-fertilized egg in the womb, or to an elder going through the last stages of death?  It means just what it says: we can always count on Jesus, no matter our place in life.  We know he loves the little children; we know he looked out for widows and orphans, we knows that because he loved them yesterday, he will love them tomorrow - even forever.  This makes our task in saving their lives to be lived out naturally, very solid.  We have no doubt that our support from our God will always be there, no matter the outlook!

This is such a magnificent blessing.  Praise God today for his reassurances about the constant character of our Lord.  Pray that women and families considering abortion or euthanasia will become aware of his presence and will.

Topics are:
Right to Life International and any person offering prayers at an abortion mill today

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