Hebrews 6:18b

Thought/Prayer:  Seize Hope.  Topics:  2 at end.”

. . . seize the hope set before us.”  How can we do this—seize hope?  We can do this because of the One in whom we place our hope, God of creation, God of the creation of all LIFE.  He Himself is Hope personified, Hope eternal.  Grab onto it.  Grab onto Him.  When we surrender our fears and frustrations to the One who knows everything, large and minute, then His nature of hope takes over.

Today praise Him for the hope that he holds out to us and to the world.  His is the one true Hope.  We must claim it for all LIFE.

Topics:  Pray for anyone in the pro-life battle who is discouraged today.
Pray for Peter Shin and his ministries of Pro-Life Unity and Pro-Life News TV.

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