I Cor. 13:8 Scripture/Thought: Love Always.  Topics: 2 at end.

“Love never ends.”
It’s what we’re all about.  Love God, Love others. 
Love others the most, love others who are “the least.”  Some may say that “the least” refers only to persons already born who are probably considered (wrongly) to be the least in position in society, those who are “down and out” and no one really wants to pay them any attention or respect.  This in many cases is true. 

Ever more as true are the least in the womb.  They are persons, they have souls.  May we love these the Least, the most—more than our selfish selves, our pursuits, or our things.  God, we claim your unending love here, to help us Love You, Love others, the least more and more.  This is our prayer today.
Topics:  God’s purpose for our nation
  Elijah Ministries

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