I Cor. 1:3   Thought/Prayer:  Gratitude from Grace.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”  KJV (Read this scripture and more at http://prayerpivot.com

Of all of the beautiful attributes we receive through Jesus Christ our Lord, when we receive Him as Savior and Lord, perhaps grace is sweetest.  It just frees us to rest content in our Lord.  It enables us to go in our hearts to His arms for refreshment and enveloping affection.

Perhaps we think of graciousness when we think of grace.  Perhaps we think of a beautiful lady in a flowing evening gown, with great grace moving among us.  But no one can be of more grace, or give more grace than God.  He is the most gracious One ever.

In some ways, His grace brings on another great attribute we may exercise in our lives:  Gratitude.  Just being thankful for the gifts God gives us.  Just being thankful for His grace toward us in particular.  Maybe we could say that we can have gracious gratitude – inspired only by His grace however.

So it all gets mixed up together:  God gives grace, and we give back gracious gratitude because of the grace He gives!  Sounds like a wonderful circular give-and-take, take-and-give.  Or maybe it should be receive-and-thank on the part of ourselves.

We can be gracious toward our Lord because of the opportunities He gives us to be gracious toward others, toward others who are struggling with many challenges, who are struggling with huge momentous decisions.  We can be gracious toward those deciding LIFE issues in particular.  Because we know how badly we need God’s grace to face certain difficult days and battles in life, we can forward that grace on to others.

Lord, help us to always be gracious toward those in struggles.  We have, each of us, struggled mightily in many ways, many of which only you know, Lord.  But help us to remember this when we see others in the midst of their wars.  Help us to, with Your grace, reach out and touch not only their problems, but them.

Topics:  Pray for a gracious attitude toward everyone with whom we speak regarding pro-life decisions.
Justice for All pro-life ministry

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