I Corinthians 13:8 Thought/Prayer: Love Never Ends. Topics: 2 at end

“Love never ends.”
God pledges his love to us just as we pledge love in marriage with the symbol of a ring.  Also, symbolically, our world is a globe, and with God in control, our really BIG God, there is enough love going around Earth to solve every problem of the value of human life.  Where does this encircling love in the world start and end?  No one knows but God because he started it all.  He’s Love.
What we can do is claim for His love to be made effective by the “loving” we do through Him, the “loving” seen surrounding the gate at a clinic of death, or the love encircling a hospital bed as a dear grandfather is patted and sung into Heaven, at the right time, not ahead of time.
God we claim your love and ask you to help us show it more and more each day:  Everywhere.

Topics:  Governors
Faith and Action in the Nation’s Capital

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