I Thess. 1:8

Thought/Prayer:  Grid Over America.  Topics:  2 at end.

“. . . but your faith in God has gone forth everywhere . . .”

Speaking to the Christians in Thessalonica, Paul says that their faith has gone everywhere.  And faith in God brings along with it faith in prayer because of the God Who answers our requests.  The underlying foundation of prayer is the God-Who-Answers.

So if our faith goes everywhere, God answers prayer everywhere.  The Prayer Pivot for Life has members across the USA, from Georgia to California to Oregon to Maryland and more.  We even have a member in Ghana, Africa.  Prayers for life are spreading and collecting into a major grid of prayer for life.  This network holds power, but not of itself – it holds power because of our God-Who-Answers.

Our prayer today is that many more will be convicted to pray for life, through the Pivot for Life, and in other ways.  Thank God for those who are already praying across America in this regard. 

Topics:  Pray for the grid of prayer for life to completely cover our nation, all 50 states.
Pray for those beyond America to join in prayer for life around the world:  Everywhere.

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