I Thessalonians 5:17 (Pt. 2)  The Meat of the Sandwich—or the Peanut Butter

“. . . pray constantly, . .  .”

In this scripture, “pray constantly,” is sandwiched between rejoicing always and giving thanks in all circumstances.  Now all 3 of these activities are quite important.  But since the slant here today is toward prayer, it could be said that among these three, prayer is the meat of the sandwich.  One way of rejoicing always is to trust God with the answers to our prayers.  One way of always giving thanks is through the outlooks we receive through times spent with our Maker in prayer.  What good is a sandwich without a filling? 

Perhaps we should adopt this sandwich concerning LIFE.  If we pray, then we can rejoice always, no matter our rulers.  If we pray, we can give thanks in all situations, no matter our rulers.  God, I confess my lack of prayer, thus limiting my trust and my outlooks.  Please help us all to put first the real substance, the peanut butter, of the metaphor in this little edible object lesson:  Prayer.   

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