Isaiah 40:11   Thought/Prayer:  Soft Leading.  Topics:  2 at end.

“He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will gather the lambs in his arm, and carry them in his bosom. He will gently lead those who have their young.”  (WEB)  Read this scripture and more at

The final consideration taken from the old hymn, He Leadeth Me:  O Blessed Thought!, involves another way that God leads us:  Gently.  Yes, God leads His army with shouts and yells.  And believers are part of that army, even if not like His armies in the Old-Testament Israelite days.  But believers also are the sheep of God’s pasture; and He is the Great Shepherd. 

In these verses, we see that He gathers us in his arm and carries us in his bosom.  That is close-knit caring!  How do we carry babies?  Close to our bosom, enfolding them inside our arms.  This is, of course, a very secure way to carry a little one.  It is protective because they are close to a much sturdier body than theirs.  And, it is near the heart of the one who carries them . . . much like a babe in the womb is close to Mother’s heart, closer and closer as he or she grows.

Jesus especially is kind to ewes with little lambs.  He gently leads them in a special way.  It would seem that for women who are pregnant unexpectedly, this scripture could be meaningful in a special way.  First, for those who already believe in Jesus Christ, the Great Shepherd, as Savior, it may be meaningful that He cares so much for little lambs.  The knowledge of this may help them decide to give birth to this child, knowing that Jesus will tenderly help them along.

For those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, our prayer must be that they will come to Him.  We shall pray that they will meet someone Who can lead them to the Lord.  Or we may pray that He will reveal Himself to them in some manner, directly.  Hopefully, as part of that process, they may realize that Jesus is a gentle Shepherd Who loves the little ones.  This scripture certainly singles out the mothers with their lambs.

Lord, may thoughts of You and Your care for the young help someone who is struggling so with unexpected life within the womb.  The mothers, the fathers, and their families.

Topics:  Pray for all pregnant mothers to come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
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