James 1:6   Thought/Prayer:  Wind Gusts of Life.  Topics:  2 at end.

“… but let him ask in faith, nothing doubting. For he that doubts is like a wave of the sea driven by the wind and tossed about; … (DARBY) http://www.bible.com  (Read this scripture and more at http://prayerpivot.co

Fall is upon us in our town.  And a blustery wind is coming up suddenly, so as to be noticed indoors.  Even though houses may have good insulation against noise, wind in gusts usually makes itself known, if by contrast if nothing else.  There is calm, and then there is the sound of wind, fast and with a bit of a little sort of umph.  We were out in it earlier; forget about hairdos.  We’ve all turned into wild women.

God speaks to us in contrasts sometimes.  Our lives may go along seemingly quietly, and then we’re hit with some great thing that rearranges not only our hair, but our lives.  How do we stand against it?

With wind, we lean into it and hope to make progress.  If we turn our backs to it, we may be pushed where we do not want to go; our feet may fell us to the ground. 

In our lives, with God’s ever-present watchfulness, we may well be able to turn our faces into the wind and push.  Even if we turn and run with our challenge, God can direct us in the correct direction, as a sailboat goes on a run before the wind.  We just must make certain that God is at the helm.  Otherwise we will dash against the rocks because winds of challenge can be unrelenting and fierce.

When a mother-to-be notices that she may be pregnant, it can seem like the biggest gust of wind ever, almost sucking out her breath and leaving her feeling limp against the storm.  Her energy to fight for the right may seem drained.  This is when she needs someone who stands for LIFE to come alongside as encourager and friend.  This is where pregnancy crisis centers are so extremely important.

If there is one good thing to come out of the Roe vs. Wade decision, it is the pregnancy crisis centers.  When the abortion clinic in our town was closed, the pregnancy center next door has remained extremely busy; actually, it is busier than when the abortionist was next door.  Praise God.  Praise Him for seeing to it that the very first pregnancy crisis center anywhere was opened.  Praise Him for the understanding and concerned volunteers that staff them.  Praise Him for every baby saved.

As we hear the contrasts in wind and quiet outside, may we think of God’s power over it, and over all our storms in life.

Lord, help us to remember to pray for these clinics and all who work there, whether paid employee or volunteer.  Lord, we ask your special blessing on each and every one today.   

Topics:  Pray for all people associated with pregnancy crisis centers:  doctors, sonogram personnel, nurses, receptionists, and more.  Pray for special blessings today.
National Right to Life

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