James 1:8 - Split Down the Middle.

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“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  RSV http://www.bible.com/  (Read this scripture and more at http://prayerpivot.com)
A delicate, frosty design on one side; simple green on the other, split right down the center of this evergreen in our town.  Grandchildren (ours) were challenged to figure out how this happened.  We agreed that it was because of the sun on one side that didn’t get to the other side of trees like this one.  Our non-scientific theory is that the southern-oriented winter sun came out late in the day, so it didn’t shine directly down onto our fairy-tale trees of winter frostiness – it hit either the south or the west sides of trees all over town.  The result:  half-and-half trees.

God speaks of being half and half in our minds.  Perhaps we don’t decide our stance on many things.  Perhaps we waver and sit on fences of many descriptions, afraid to jump off to either side.  When it comes to our stand for LIFE, we must be on no fence.  We must stand firmly on ground, staking our ground, being grounded—We must have strong roots of belief and grow totally committed, never showing duplicity. 

The sun did its work naturally on these trees, and it is strikingly eye-catching.  The Son of Life works us naturally in our growth, so we shouldn’t be double-minded.  But we must let Him bring the root-base of our stance.  Lord, we pray that as You grow us, we grow in unity within.  We want to also grow in commitment to your causes in our lives, including that of LIFE.  Although lovely in nature, double-mindedness in us Christians is not interesting, but defeatist.  Help us in Your singleness of purpose.

Topics:  Elijah Ministries with Rusty Thomas
For Christians to be single-minded in all aspects of their Christian walk.   

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