Joel 2:11   Thought/Prayer:  Loud Leading.  Topics:  2 at end.

“And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executes his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?”  (AKJV)  Read this scripture and more at

In continuance of looking at the old hymn, He Leadeth Me:  O Blessed Thought!, this scripture describes one really large way in which God leads His people.  We will not consider the background for it – we are just looking at the description of God’s voice as He leads His army.  The point here is, He can lead loudly.  (Some translations of this scripture say He shouts or He thunders.  If He is uttering His voice ahead of His army,  it’s “gonna” be loud!)

Sometimes we believers feel that God has shouted as us.  (This is usually when we have been trying to go our own ways and He finds it necessary to “yell” at us to get our attention.)  (The realization that He has done this may immediately get us back on track because we know that we must agree with His assessment of some part of our lives that is not pleasing to Him.)  Of course, when we walk closely with Him, the loudness of God’s voice getting our attention occurs much less often!

No, it’s not that God just decided to command our lives as He does with his army of righteousness.  We see this so often in Old-Testament accounts of victories over ungodly nations that were conquered by the Israelite army.  And, yes, His voice may not have been audible; but He was leading His army on with His voice through the commanders He raised up.  And His attitude toward it all is recorded in scriptures such as this one above.

Lord, sometimes we need to hear Your voice loud and clear.  And sometimes it is not that we need to rush into some battle.  It may be a battle such as is carried on in someone’s heart regarding LIFE issues.  The struggle is sometimes so intense, when hurting people try to decide the outcome of the very-ill elderly or the unwanted pregnancy.  Yes, You may speak “loudly” to them in their hearts, but only from love.  In many situation such as this, You really do need to get someone’s attention. 

Help us to do our part when we are involved in someone’s struggle.  Help us to help them hear Your love-filled loud voice, clearly.

Topics:  Pray for yourself and for others to be able to hear God’s voice however it comes through:  Even loudly.
Dr. Peggy Elliott ministries

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