John 16:24   Thought/Prayer.

Ask Ask Ask.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Until now you have not asked for anything in my name.  Ask, and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

Would you not ask a neighbor for something you need if you know the neighbor could supply it?  Picture this:  “Hi, Mallory.  Hey, this is Susan.  I’m in a pickle (in fact I’m canning bread-and-butter pickles), and I’m out of sugar.  Could you spot me three cups until I get to the store?”
It would be fruitless for Susan to decide that she should not call Mallory when she knows this good neighbor well and knows she will be glad to lend some sugar.

Jesus is our nearest and dearest neighbor and friend.  And, differently from most neighbors, he has even written us a long letter about how he wants to be our best friend (and Saviour) and wants to do for us all within His power (infinite, of course).

So why would we ever hesitate to ask our Lord for anything—that cup of sugar, a job for a friend, or more desire for ourselves to seek Him more?  Right there in his letter (the Bible) in the book of John, we are told to ask!  Jesus even chides us a bit for not asking!  To be so mildly scolded by our Lord should make us take notice. 
So notice!  Pray today that you will be unafraid to ask Jesus Christ for anything, anywhere, for anyone, including yourself.  Ask!

Topics:  Pray that the Lord will convict us to ask more!  Ask for more, and ask more often.

Pray for leaders of prayer groups all around Earth, that they will continue to ask, ask, ask.  For they will receive.

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