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“And He spoke a parable to them. “’See,’He said, ‘the fig-tree and all the trees. As soon as they have shot out their leaves, you know at a glance that summer is now near.’”  (WEY)  (Read this scripture and more at

“At a glance.”  The Weymouth translation here tells us, according to Jesus, that we can know of with just a glance at a fig tree, the approaching summer.  This, of course, happens after the tree has starting shooting out leaves. 

Those of us who do not live near growing fig trees probably have no idea what one looks like when it starts to shoot out leaves.  But we also probably think that new leaves call attention to themselves as they are often a bright green of newness, and this contrasts themselves against the brown of branches.

So, a glance will probably catch attention.  Formerly the branch was just brown; now it is dotted with bright green tiny leaf shapes.  A person’s glance can catch this.

God gives us productive glances often.  Maybe we glance at a shelf in a store and see some retro item we’ve been thinking of for some time.  How about a glance across a room, and someone we know is on the other side?  What about a glance that yields a glance from someone else right at the same time?  Eyes “meet,” as we say.  Sort of an ocular howdy-do.  (Maybe a romance begins this way?)

God gave our minds and eyes the ability to glance at something and sum up its meaning.  Are there “spiritual” glances?  Perhaps.  We may glance at someone’s face and our hearts register a certain sadness or discomfort.  Maybe a person is in need of someone to talk to, and our glance toward him or her reveals this.  We might glance at an elder and recognize that there is pain in their eyes.  Thank You, Lord, that we can quickly, through our brains’ mechanisms, assess someone’s state of heart or mind in this way.

For those who pray outside abortion places, many times a prayer warrior has sensed troubles in a young woman approaching the door.  Through a glance perhaps, there quickly can be a connection which can lead to a baby’s life saved.  Thank You, Lord, for our connection of eyes and heart through glances, just as in nature we glance at a tree and know it is healthy and producing its leaves.

Topics:  Praise God for His lessons from nature, and help our glances to bring awareness of needs in others.
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