John 6:35 (Pt. 2)  Thought/Prayer:  Drenching . . . or Sprinkles?  Topics:  2 at end.

“’I am the bread of Life,’ replied Jesus; ‘he who comes to me shall never hunger, and he who believes in me shall never, never thirst.’”  (WEY)  (Read this scripture and more at

My 9“ wheat weaving brings thoughts of its creation . . . this cross with beams of wheat stalks, garnished with heads of grain and a woven gracefully-draped wheat garland.  It took creative skill and an eye for design to fashion this from wheat.  And it took a certain process with the wheat to get to the desired design.

The wheat had to be “dunked,” so to speak.  Yes, wheat stalks must be made pliable before they can be shaped into a design.  Otherwise, the stalks just break and cannot be shaped.  So a good soaking in hot water is needed to soften the wheat.

It’s only then that the artist can start being creative.  Many techniques are used to make something beautiful from the common stalk of wheat.  The end results are often astounding in their beautiful grace or their bold effects.  Wow. 

So what about us?  We are crafted by THE craftperson of the universe.  God.  He makes us in our appearances just as He desires.  From birth through the early growing-up years He is still creating in us our basic looks and our personalities.  And, yes, children are developing their character right along.  They are taught right from wrong and are encouraged to be kind and helpful.  They are taught about differences and the need to refrain from judging others.

And this is the basis for the formation of adult, life-long character.  And for those who know Jesus Christ as Lord, this becomes quite important.  Dedicated Christians are very concerned about their character and their life’s work in the Lord.

And sometimes we need to be “soaked.”  In our humanity, we can be brittle toward the Lord, inflexible and easily damaged.  But God may have in mind for us a good watering down.  We may need to go through some experiences we would consider drenching.  Or, maybe we just need a little bit of God’s watering . . . a sprinkling . . . to make us a bit more pliable in the hands of the Lord.

But however He works with us, as a potter does the clay, the end result is His.  And through all of His fashioning of each of us, He has built in certain skills or callings that will be greatly used of Him in our daily service.  Thank You, Lord, for those in whom you have woven a heart for the unborn.  Please, Lord, help us to learn our skills woven into us, and bless us as we serve.  Amen.

Topics:  Praise Him for His great creativity in fashioning each of us and for the times in which He flexes us for fashioning in a different way, to serve His purposes.
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