Philippians 4:13

Thought/Prayer: A Ton of Strength.  Topics:  2 at end.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Strength.  We in any battle need strength, and sometimes in the battle for the culture of life, it seems we can have no strength left after years and years of the fight.  We’re worn out and worn down.  We’re just tired, especially those of you who have been in this for over 35 years.

But perhaps viewing strength as an absence of tiredness is a limitation to God.  He doesn’t tell us that we have to “feel” strong – just that He will work in us to strengthen us in whatever ways he chooses.  Perhaps when we desire to put our head on a pillow and shut out any thought of joining ranks in battle is just the time he will work his greatest deeds in us.  He strengthens us the most when we’re the most tired.

Thank Him today for every ounce and every pound and every ton of strength He has for us.

Topics:  Strength for any and all in the world who are concerned about the battle for life.
The Kansas Coalition for Life

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