Ps. 54:4 (Pt. 2)

Thought/Prayer:  Our Helper.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Behold, God is my helper;
The Lord is the sustainer of my soul.”

“God is my helper.”  The psalmist even says, “Behold!” - “Look!”  He wants us to pay attention here:  God is his helper; and He is ours. 

God helps us in a million million innumerable ways.  The first way, of course, is at our conception.  For sure we wouldn’t be here without his creating us.  The same for the unborn. God the Creator is the helper of all babies conceived within the last 9 months.  It is under His plan for birth that they will be born, and they will live under His plan for them, for the totality of their lives. After their birth on earth, God helps all of these tiny persons for the rest of their lives because He loves them.

Pray that God’s help after conception will continue for all those presently in the womb, and that this help will be noticed and acknowledged by families and then by the babies themselves when they grow to the age to understand God in the world and in their lives.  Call upon God today to make his help known and acknowledged.

Topics:  Pray for unity in the pro-life movement.
Pray for God to move in gigantic ways as He guides those in the pro-life effort.


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