Psalm 119:73   Thought/Prayer:  Our Hands.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Your hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn your commandments.”  (AKJV)  (Read this scripture and more at

Yes, the hands of God were very busy in our own personal creations . . . from our first fertilization in the womb to our exit from the womb. And what could be more precious than the tiny, pristine hands of a newly born baby.  They are just into the air of Earth, and already they are stretching and turning, just as they did in mother’s womb.  The little arms and hands are continuing to exercise in Earth’s air after pressing against fluid in the womb.  Yes, those hands were created by the hands of God.  Those precious baby hands.

Those baby hands will grow and will become the hands of toddler, then a boy or girl, then a teen and on and on.  We can pray that these growing hands will not involve themselves in anything against God; that they will become hands of service and love.  We pray that they will come together in prayer, as we see in many displays dedicated to prayer.  (In fact, hands placed together, with fingers pointing up, are a symbol of prayer.)

Picture the little infant guy reaching a hand out for dad’s nose.  Picture a toddler reaching out to claim a toy, at home or maybe on a shelf in a store!  Think of Mommy cleaning off muddy fingers after a play day with rain.  Think of the first hand-touch of a teen-aged girl and boy, as their fingers find each other’s. 

All of these images are, of course, related to the fact that God gave us hands; and He orchestrated their development from free-ranging general movements at birth, to the sometimes intricate procedures of an eye surgeon or a talented seamstress.  God planned untold uses for our hands.  Let us praise Him for His thoughtfulness in giving these extremely usable features of our bodies.  From a hardened and strong hand wielding a sledgehammer to the slender hand of a betrothed lady now receiving a beautiful ring, our hands speak so much about us. 

Lord, help us to be thankful for the skills You have woven into our hands.  From clapping our approval to waving good-by to loved ones, our hands are so well-used in life.  Help us to use them for great good as we help those who are needing a “LIFE” counselor.  May our hands convey our love perhaps, through a hand-pat on the shoulder. 

Topics:  Pray for hands that serve, love, and keep faith in all they do, as guided from our heart and mind. 
Stand True

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