Psalm 127:1 A Watchman Awake in Vain.

Thought/Prayer:  Topics:  2 at end.

  “Unless the LORD builds the house,
      They labor in vain who build it;
      Unless the LORD guards the city,
      The watchman keeps awake in vain.”

As watchpersons for LIFE, we must allow the Lord to lead us into our activities and ministries.  He ultimately is the One who will end abortion.  It is so easy to get caught up in causes and concerns to the extent that we forget to make time for our Leader who has the entire plan in sight.

It is the Lord who guards the babies who are saved.  It is the Lord who can comfort the grief-stricken abortive mom.  It is He who gives us strength for the battle long and difficult.

He builds the home for the preborn (the womb); with us He builds the house of faith.  Pray today to allow God to do the construction in our lives, to His glory and purpose. 

On our watch, we must not watch in vain.

Topics:  Pray for Shelly Allsup who has just joined Pro-Life Unity as Producer and Media Director, that God will give her clear vision of His desires in her work.

Pray for God to be calling—calling pro-life Christians to seek His face and will more each day.

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