Psalm 139:15 - Sounding off in the Womb = Personhood

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“You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.”

I read this week that a study in Germany indicates that babies’ cries while in the womb take on the characteristics of the language spoken by their mothers.  How interesting!  So consider this:  Doesn’t this information (if eventually proven totally true) only serve to increase the “personhood” of those within wombs?  Not only are the preborn “persons,” they already are on their way to being a certain type of person, via their cries and eventual language. 

God, as he “watches” babies forming in the womb, according to Psalm 139, must hear crying also!  He teaches them to cry in their own language!  What a plan. 

On a personal note here, in a large written piece I did for college credit, I learned that at least some persons of knowledge believe that babies initiate language themselves rather than totally learning language from those around them who speak it.  The babies initiate language by crying for their needs.  This fits so nicely with the crying done from the womb and thereafter, in their lives after birth. 

Lord, we thank you for giving us another peek into life in the womb through this study, especially if this is replicated for validity.  We praise you for the modern technology that over and over affirms the presence of a real person in any mother’s womb.

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