Psalm 16:11 Thought/Prayer:  Show Me My Path.  Topics:  2 at end.

“You will show me the path of life. In your presence is fullness of joy. In your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. A Prayer by David.”  (WEB)  (Read this scripture and more at

In our human lives, we may wish that we could see our path of life laid out before us.  We may think it would be easier to traverse our paths if we just knew exactly where we are going.  This may especially be true when we go through periods of uncertainty regarding an array of situations and circumstances . . . or problems. 

But then, if we voice this, someone will probably tell us that we would not want to know everything that is going to happen because life does not only hold the positive . . . but also negative happenings that would discourage us from stepping out into our next “future.”

But the fact is, we can’t see our future, whether for the ups or the downs.  It’s God’s plan for us, and for those of us who believe in God and His influence in our lives, we often can see when the “downs” come, it is He to Whom we turn:  Because He knows every bit and nook and cranny of our futures.

In this scripture, we see that the psalmist speaks to God about his own life’s pathway.  He says that God will show him the path of life.  All believers, whose Lord is Jesus Christ, can claim this . . . can ask God to show them their lives’ paths.  But we must always realize that it may be revealed incrementally.  Unless God gives visions (which do come from Him sometimes) we will not be able to focus down a road leading to some telling time in our future. 

This is where we must stay close to Him.  By staying close through the fellowship of Bible, prayer and time with other believers, we will receive from Him, at times, a definite directive to do this, do that.  It’s not so much that we can focus down a road, but that He is focusing for us, and then through the Bible, prayer and fellowship with others, we will come to understand, as we walk along.

Those who are confronted with extra-overwhelming problems of LIFE questions (the coming unexpected baby; the imminent death of an elderly friend or relative; the struggle to find care for a seriously disabled child) – are often only able to take a small step at a time.  When we pray for them, known or unknown to us, as God answers, we are helping them to see a bit further concerning steps to take. 

God will guide them on their lives’ paths.  Lord, we pray that they will recognize Your hand and will rejoice as they walk with You.

Topics:  Pray for those in such crises, whether you know them or not.  God knows them and will answer.
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