Psalm 66:7   Thought/Prayer:

Not WILL Rule, but “Rules.”  Topics:  2 at end.

“He rules by His might forever;
      His eyes keep watch on the nations;
      Let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah.”

Forever our God rules.  Not will rule, but RULES.  He’s ruling now, he will rule tomorrow. 
Not in a small way is His rule applied; He rules by His might, and just by looking at a volcano, we know his might is exceedingly great.

It is up to us to ask Him to help us keep this rule-of-might in mind when we become discouraged.  It is up to us to seek His face and to learn to recognize His power being worked in us and around us. 

Even when we can’t muster the energy or courage to believe in Him and His power, we can even ask for His help to see and believe.

As we claim God’s power and control over the nations, let us keep in mind the wee ones in the womb who are counting on His power, as we ask for it and apply it as led by Him in our lives.  Pray to claim this today.

Topics:  Pray for every person standing for LIFE to have vision of God’s power and ultimate control of EVERY THING.
Pray for God’s power to bring about unity among pro-life folks.

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