Psalm 68:5

Thought/Prayer:  Champion of Widows-Situational.  Topics:  2 at end.

“A father of the fatherless
  and a champion of widows
  is God in His holy dwelling.”

So often women are abandoned by the fathers of their babies, being forced to considerations of abortion, in light of their circumstances beyond which they cannot see.  These women might as well be called widows – their babies’ fathers are as good as dead when it comes to care and support.  But there is hope.

God IS the father of the fatherless; and he fights as a champion for the cause of widows.  Sometimes His battle includes sending assistance in the form of concerned persons who believe in LIFE as the most basic human right.  Sometimes He may call a mother to Himself, thus giving her the power of Himself in her life, if she is willing to accept. 

But today let’s pray for fathers – those fathers unexpectedly thrust into the father-role by circumstances they did not plan:  Their girlfriend (mistress) (or even their wife) gets pregnant.  Although some of these men may truly care, their circumstances may seem insurmountable in light of a baby on the way.  Pray that men in this situation will be guided by God’s eyes instead of their own, in order that they may see a Godly path to take.

Topics:  Pray for the fathers of any unanticipated baby, that God will open their eyes on how to save this little life – and how to love the new little person in our world.

Pray for crisis pregnancy centers to deal in a Godly manner with men who are willing to seek help – that they will BE willing to seek help and apply it so as to save their babies.     

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