Psalm 89:10 (Pt. 4)

Thought/Prayer:  Arms.  Topics:  2 at end.

“You scattered Your enemies with Your mighty arm.”

God’s arm.  How wonderful that he describes Himself in terms of how he created our persons.  Our arms hold newborns.  Our arms hug.  Human arms overcame enemies of Israel such as when Moses held up his arms unto victory.

Our Statue of Liberty’s arm holds high the torch of freedom, a beacon for our nation.  God’s mighty arm holds high the torch of the Light of the World.  We ourselves can do the same in a miniature way, as we serve others in this world and model the love and victory through the Risen Savior as we allow Him to work through us.  Pray today that all who hope to abolish abortion and euthanasia will know that they do lift high their torch of hope in the name of God, for the life of God.

Topics:  Pray that discouragement will flee as pro-lifers consider anew their part in holding out God’s torch for victory.

Pray that the effort Organized for Life will truly organize many who go door to door with the message of life.

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