Psalm 9:13,14

Psalm 9:13,14 Thought/Prayer:  A Pile-up of Grace.  Topics:  2 at end.

Surely the word “gracious” must come in some form from the word “grace.”  It’s God’s unmerited kindness toward us, his grace, that allows our salvation when in no way do we merit it.  The Psalmist asks for God’s graciousness to rest on him.  This is what we must pray for families in the throes of considering abortion.

So many women, particularly young women who appear at abortion clinics, do not understand the intense love God has for them and their preborns.  The babies’ fathers so often do not understand this either.  We must pray that God be faithful to convince that His grace is always available and it’s always available to any person who accepts it, no matter their sins.  Mother and daddies considering abortion need a great pile-up of grace in their lives.  Let’s Pray for It.

Topics:  Pray for a showering (no, a deluge) of God’s grace to rest upon those inside or outside of abortion clinics.

Pray for Peter Shinn’s ministry, Blogs4Life, that many will be reached for life through it.

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