Psalm 9:13,14 (Pt. 2)

Thought/Prayer:  Count and Recount Praises.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Be gracious to me, O Lord!
  Behold what I suffer from those who hate me.
  O thou who liftest me up from the gates of death,
that I may recount all thy praises,
  that in the gates of the daughter of Zion
  I may rejoice in thy deliverance.”

What praises of God are there to recount in the pro-life area?  The psalmist says he not only will count them, but count them again – and maybe again and again. 

Although we cannot understand why God has allowed abortion to go on as long as it has in our nation, we still must not overlook victories attributed to God.  Each time a mother decides to birth her baby instead of aborting it, it’s a praise and a victory for LIFE and for God.  Each time someone new enters the pro-life battle, it’s a praise and a victory for God.  And we praise Him for each life saved two at a time (first the baby’s and then the mother’s quality of life). 

There are fewer abortions than there were a decade ago.  There are fewer abortion facilities than there were a decade ago.  And there are fewer doctors doing late-term abortions than there used to be.  All of these facts are attributable to our Lord as we have called upon Him, and we give Him our praise.

Pray today that there will be hundreds and hundreds of praises celebrating the moving of our God in the press for life.  Thank Him ahead of time that there will be praises because He has acted – in many praiseworthy events and ways.

Topics:  Pray for 100% fewer abortions tomorrow and the rest of this week than were scheduled.

Pray for Peter Shinn, that he and his family will have complete wisdom from God regarding all of the pro-life organizations and ministries Peter has founded and administers.

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