Romans 10:3   Thought/Prayer:  Submit Unto Righteousness.  Topics:  2 at end.

“For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.”  KJV  (Read this scripture and more at

Over and over in the Old Testament we see that the Israelites went against God’s direction and desires for the nation.  They sometimes openly rebelled and declared that they would go their own way.  The book of Jeremiah has many examples of their waywardness as individuals and as a nation.  Even when God tries to call them back to Him, they would rebel and run the opposite direction.

Don’t we do the same?  Don’t we directly (or more subtly) just get it into our heads to do our “own thing” and then do it?  It seems to come so easily (because, of course, we were given the capacity to make our own choices in order that, when we choose God, it is true and not on the order of puppetry). 

Paul speaks of the Israelites here in Romans 10.  He says they have not submitted unto God’s righteousness, but they are trying to win God’s approval by their own means.  Brothers and sisters, we cannot – never —be good enough to establish our own righteousness!  Only the righteousness of Jesus will stand the test.  Only belief in Him gets us our righteousness before God.  And to do that we must “submit.”  THEN He makes us pure and righteous and can save us; then He can use us.

Lord, today, we pray that you will keep on loving all human beings Your righteous love and that you will convict and convict millions and millions of their need for You.  Draw them to you through your Spirit, Lord, and then when they become Yours, draw and convict to stand up for and to fight for LIFE.  Please, Lord.  We boldly ask.
Topics:  Pray for salvation and LIFE-convictions for millions still without Jesus.
The sports coaches in our nation’s schools, to model examples of respecting LIFE



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