Romans 12:18 - Elder-Conned.

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“Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.”

It was just so cute, if unwise.  My husband and I were at the holiday dinner at the senior center with a relative last night.  One of her table-mates (we’ll call her Shirley) indicated by hand-gestures that she would like to trade her pie for my husband’s piece of pineapple upside down cake that I had made (from scratch – no box mix here!  I must admit it looked pretty yummy).  Shirley can’t always say what she wants, but it was quite obvious that she wanted that piece of cake!

Anyway, we agreed upon and executed the transaction.  Bad decision.  An employee noticed that Lowell had the pie – sugar-free pie – Shirley is diabetic and can’t have sugar!  Plenty of sugar in that piece of pineapple cake.  We, of course, hope that she is ok after eating that (gobbled down before her dinner was served).  And, of course, we won’t do that again – and I’m surprised it got past me – I’m usually a bit more alert on those things especially after teaching special education and having to be careful about foods for certain students.

I don’t write this to “tell” on a senior acquaintance.  I write it because of the personality involved in someone who is older and now disabled.  Shirley kept looking at us with a little grin, all through dinner.  She knew she had conned us – and we looked back at her with an all-knowing look.  It was person-to-person understanding between generations and station in life.  I liked it.

The other aspect of Shirley is beautiful – she was given a lovely Christmas bracelet, and she appreciated it so much, judging by the looks in her eyes toward the daughter-in-law who gave it to her.  Shirley was just so gracious about the bracelet, with never a word spoken – she couldn’t say “thank you,” but she didn’t need to.

Lord, help us to never write off any person because of their inability to perform the common task of communicating verbally—or because of any other inadequacy.  Help us to appreciate all folks despite capability.  Help us to enjoy shared experiences, unlimited.  Thank you.

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