Thank You to Shelley Allsup for Her Heartfelt “Letter to My Babies”

Shelley’s “Letter to My Babies” is just so profoundly lovely.  Thank you, Shelley, for sharing.  Your letter takes me back to a time when I had the honor of attending a ceremony of remembrance held by a pregnancy crisis center for mothers of aborted babies.  The service of dignity honored the lives of those whose lives were taken before their births.

There were prayer and words of hope, words of forgiveness for the 5 or 6 women who were working through their past decisions to abort and coming to terms with it.  Our Lord does forgive.  Each woman there had opportunity to tell the name of their baby and to place an item of remembrance on the table at the front of the room.  My friend (who was still grieving the preborn death of her baby twenty years earlier) brought a baseball cap to represent her little boy.   

One aspect of that evening that I’ve never forgotten was a video by a mother who had chosen to have four abortions before she realized that it was wrong.  She told of writing letters to her four children she never knew, acknowledging her guilt and asking for forgiveness; the letter-writing was greatly cleansing for her as she worked through coming to terms with those decisions.  That is why your poem today is especially meaningful to me.

So thank you again to Shelley.  Your poem will be kept by me as a beautiful reminder of a mother’s love shining through out of difficult circumstances and regretted decisions.  Shelley, it makes you and all of your children more beautiful.

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