The book of Acts, Acts 2:41 Thought/Prayer:  Marching On.  Topics:  2 at end.

When the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, legalizing abortion, comes around on January 22nd each year, there are thousands who march on Washington, DC, to stand for created LIFE and its preciousness.  There are marches in state capitals.  There are recognitions in churches of the LIFE God creates.  These events are great acts of witness for God and for LIFE.  The March on Washington is going on as I type these sentences.

The book of Acts in the Bible is full of examples of Christians standing up for various causes.  The apostles Peter and John got in trouble for talking about Christ with others.  Paul suffered many injuries and life-threatening circumstances over and over.  Jesus’ follower Stephen was stoned to death for taking his stand for his Lord.

We can only imagine what the number of instances would be, in the New Testament, of individual believers standing for Christ, one-on-one with others.  This had to be a major way in which the church grew after its beginnings.  There were times when many came to the Lord at the same time, such as at Pentecost, (Acts 2:41) when 3,000 responded to the disciples’ preaching.  Should all of those turned and “marched,” lock-step, it would have been quite an army. 

When the people of God stand up for the righteous playing-out of God’s purposes, we become an army, so to speak.  Those going to our nation’s capital city to march for LIFE are a band of believers, and those of other faiths joining them are to be credited with right thinking and public action. 

Whether one-on-one as part of a more unseen army, or marching personally to make one’s point, those who stand for LIFE do make a difference.  Whether the liberal media report the numbers correctly or not, the numbers are what they are, and God knows, and eventually there will be adults in our society who were saved by these acts of belief and will acknowledge the power of marching together, seen or unseen.

Lord, help us to hold in prayer all those involved with witness to LIFE during any time of the year, and especially during the LIFE march on Washington.

Topics:  Pray for all remembrances of Roe v. Wade and those involved.
Unity of purpose and support among pro-life groups

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