This is What Rescue is All About.  From Margarita Szechenyi, Georgia Director, Pro-Life Unity

New Baby

Another precious baby, this time a boy, was born into this world last week, thanks to the prayers and presence of pro-lifers at Governor’s Ridge.  Little Richardson Kojo Wajule (his middle name means “Monday,” because of the African custom of naming every child for the day of the week on which he/she is born) came into the world on March 9th at 12:20pm.  He weighed 7 lbs. 10.2 oz. and was 19.5 in. long. 

The same two prayer warriors who were present the day his mother, Sylvia, chose LIFE were able to be present for the birth.  One was privileged to be in the operating room for the cesarean section, as the baby’s father had to take care of the other three children.  The other prayer warrior brought gifts specifically chosen according to the taste of each of the baby’s siblings: Christabelle (7), Christopher (5), and Frank, Jr. (1½).  She also put a huge “baby blue” bow on the door, with all of Richardson’s vital statistics written on it, and brought Sylvia a beautiful flowering plant with a balloon attached and a card, which was signed in the name of all the prayer warriors at Governor’s Ridge. 

While Sylvia was at the hospital, she was visited by other prolifers, as well as by another mother who chose LIFE at Governor’s Ridge, who is also from Africa.  She visited twice, and another African mother, Chidimma, stopped by as well.  Chidimma had represented the African Community from St. Thomas the Apostle parish at Sylvia’s baby shower.

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