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Job 38:11 Thought/Prayer:  Waves Upon the Shore.  Topics:  2 at end.

“And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?” KJV (Read this scripture and more at

Ps. 74:17 tells us that God made the seasons. Here in Job we learn that he set the limits of the waves of the ocean. Is it possible that the waves that break upon the seashore do so in part because of the shallowness of the edge? They come against the lessening of the “deep” and are forced back in a foamy -protest, so to speak (beautiful it is). So much of our planet is water: if we did not have landforms to stop it, we’d all be living in a water world.

But God planned for the waves to not continue forever; and he planned for us to live on the land he created for us. And so it is with our lives. He has put into our Christian existence some pieces of land, some seashore, to stop us when we get into too much rolling along in our own power. He does not let us deluge ourselves if we are really trying to listen for His voice in our lives.

Lord, we thank you for placing some checks for us along the way, some ocean shore of Your limiting factors we often need when we’re willful and wayward. Help us to receive these guidelines graciously from You, especially in service, whether pro-life or otherwise.

Topics: That pro-life persons will be attuned to you, Lord, and be willing to live by your directions given to us.
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