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§ Life Principles

All innocent human life is sacred, born or unborn, with or without birth defects. Innocent life must always be protected from scientific and medical research.

Prayers for Peter Shinn

Hi, I'm Gail, co-founder of the Prayer Pivot. I've been led in my heart to uphold Peter Shinn in prayer.

Will you please join me in asking for God's blessing and guidance for Peter as he builds the Pro-Life ministry into which he's been called?

Thank you.

I'd love to know if you are praying for Peter.

  • How The Prayer Pivot began

    There is a particular reason I believe God wants me to support Peter's work with prayer.  It's a picture I have in my mind, completed by an image a prayer-partner was given in her mind.

    I was getting ready to go home after one of our prayers sessions.  I mentioned that maybe I was supposed to pray for Peter, and I told her about this image in my mind:  (simplified, a network and a bridge, piers and pillars).  I told her, "I see this intercrossing network, shining gold, floating and undulating over out nation. Just below those shining triangles is a layer of green, such as for trees. And under that is a layer of brown, like for the ground, or earth, all in the shape of our nation. And then underneath are . . . . pillars? . . . no, that's not the word I want . . .  pill. . . . ?"  Then she says, "Piers”?  "Yes, piers”! I replied.  “That's what I see, but I couldn't think of the word right now."  Then she told me that recently when she had been sitting on her bed, an image came into her mind of a bridge, built on piers -- but that it only went on so far, and then the end of the bridge went down to the ground.  It wasn't complete -- it was broken at the end.  She said, "Maybe that's for you, Gail."  I claimed it.

    I actually was rather stunned. I then told her that, “Yes, I see piers underneath this network, brown piers.”  But I also see, in the image, white pillars, one rising up from each state in the union.  To me, that could mean someone praying in each state for this work of Peter's.  I guess I see it that piers are more to perhaps "take" a person somewhere, such as a pier along water.  But pillars are more stout, stable, stronger than piers, and stay put, holding up something.  However, interestingly, these pillars are translucent, and hollow on the inside. 

    To me it meant that Peter's work needs the undergirding of a foundation of prayer.  Otherwise it can go down. The name I’ve been given in my mind is Prayer Pivot. And the gist of this whole thing is, I shared this vision with Peter Shinn, and he embraced it, and now The Prayer Pivot is being launched!