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Michael Steele - Invasion of the Body Snatchers Lets start by being candid and admitting full disclosure. I have known Mike Steele though the years and thought him to be a rising star. In a world that seemed punctuated by blandness, he offered an opportunity for the Republican Party to challenge certain stereotypes and to invite a new… John Jakubczyk 03/12/09 0
With Pope Benedict XVI in Washington, D.C. Wednesday April 16, 2008 was a special day in the nation’s capitol with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the White House. As good fortune would have it I was privileged to have been invited for the festivities.  I should mention the fact that so were 12,000 other folks.… John Jakubczyk 04/16/08 0
Santorum Provides Sound Advice for McCain The important message to Senator McCain is that now is the time to instill the confidence you want in those who will be doing the heavy lifting this fall. Now is the time to assure the “base” that you appreciate and understand their views. Given the need for all of… John Jakubczyk 03/14/08 0