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“You are being programmed” News 11/30/18 0
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Brownsville Hike for Life A letter to our friends in the Pro Life Movement, On Saturday, March 24, 2012, we will be sponsoring a Hike for Life at Dean Porter Park in Brownsville, Texas. We are raising money to open a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Brownsville. Our goal is to offer a caring, non-judgmental… News 02/20/12 0
Peter Knickerbocker at CPAC News 03/16/09 0
Peter Shinn on KFAX (Radio & Internet) tonight - 9PM Eastern Peter Shinn - President of Pro-Life Unity on KFAX Tonight - 9:30 PM Eastern Listen live tonight on KFAX Radio (and on the Internet) - 6:30pmPT/9:30pmET Listen to Peter Shinn, founder of Pro-Life Unity http://www.prolifeunity.com and Jake Dagel, still in High School, but is a graduate of LIFE, on the… News 02/19/09 0
Pro-Life Unity in the National Catholic Register! News 12/11/08 0
Kathleen Walker - Enforce Canon 915 News 11/14/08 0
Interview with Fr. David News 10/20/08 0
Video - Pro-abortion NEA leadership challenged by united Pro-Life and pro-family organizations News 07/04/08 0
Pro-Life Unity Joins Pro-Life Opposition to NEA Abortion Leaders News 07/01/08 0