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Mexico Anti-Abortion Fight Moves to Federal Level MEXICO CITY — Lawmakers in Veracruz made it Mexico’s 17th state to pass legislation declaring life begins at conception, then adopted a proposal that requires Congress to consider amending the constitution to outlaw abortion. A majority of the country’s 32 states have now enacted anti-abortion measures in response to Mexico… Natalie Higle 11/19/09 0
House Backs Anti-Abortion Amendment WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives voted on Saturday to tighten a ban against using federal funds to finance abortions under the proposed Democratic healthcare reform legislation. Click here to continue reading. Natalie Higle 11/08/09 0
House OKs Vote on Stupak Amendment to Cut Abortion Funding From Health Care In a surprise move after hours of tumultuous negotiations, the House Rules Committee, very early Saturday morning, approved rules for debate on the pro-abortion health care bill. Although it appeared Speaker Nancy Pelosi would deny one, it allows a vote on an amendment to remove abortion funding. Click here to… Natalie Higle 11/07/09 0
Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Watching Abortion on Ultrasound Abby Johnson, 29, used to escort women from their cars to the clinic in the eight years she volunteered and worked for Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas. But she says she knew it was time to leave after she watched a fetus “crumple” as it was vacuumed out of a… Natalie Higle 11/03/09 0
Personhood Nevada: Initiative Part of U.S. Drive CARSON CITY—The “personhood” amendment petition drive beginning in Nevada is part of a national effort by a religious organization to come up with a legal argument that can be used to challenge the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision allowing abortion. PersonhoodUSA co-founder Keith Mason said Friday that his Christian anti-abortion group… Natalie Higle 10/25/09 0
Democrats at war with themselves over abortion “I think that every person in this Chamber agrees that we must work hard to reduce the number of abortions that are performed in our country.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California “I don’t believe anyone here truly believes in his or her heart that abortion is a desired outcome to… Natalie Higle 10/04/09 0
Texas swimmer attests to adult stem-cell success Use of adult stem cells has helped a swimming champion continue to compete. Lexi Spann, a swimmer for the University of Texas, suffered a serious shoulder injury which put her on the sidelines. Texas Alliance for Life talked with her. Click here to continue reading. Natalie Higle 10/04/09 0
‘Abortion addict’ draws pro-life sympathy Irene Vilar’s “abortion addiction,” as she describes it, resulted in 15 of the lethal procedures in 16 years. Her new book—“Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict”—will be released Oct. 6, and she says she has already perceived “an inkling of hatred,” Vilar told ABCNews.com in a telephone interview. Click… Natalie Higle 09/23/09 0
Some abortions would be funded under health care reform Recently, President Obama, in one of his appearances pushing health care reform, appeared before a gathering of religious groups and said that “what you’re hearing from those on the other side is that government funding of abortion is part of this health care bill. Not true. They’re bearing false witness.… Natalie Higle 09/09/09 0
British Scientist Use Patients’ Own Adult Stem Cells to Help Avoid Hip Replacement London, England (LifeNews.com)—British scientists have pioneered a breakthrough technique involving adult stem cell research to help patients who may otherwise need a hip replacement. The new technique, which involves the use of a patient’s own stem cells, shows adult cells continue to be more promising them embryonic ones. Click here… Natalie Higle 09/07/09 0
Montana AG approves language for abortion restriction initiative Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock has approved language for a proposed ballot measure aimed at restricting abortions. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 09/07/09 0
Illinois Pro-life Advocates Want Parental Notification on Abortion Enforced Now Springfield, IL (LifeNews.com)—A pro-life legal group has filed a challenge against state officials in Illinois who have put off for 90 days a federal court order to began enforcing the state’s parental notification law on abortion. The law would allow parents to know when their teen daughters are requesting an… Natalie Higle 09/02/09 0
Abortion Foes Start Push For ‘Personhood’ Measure DENVER (AP) ― Colorado abortion foes have launched another campaign to amend the state constitution to give legal protections to human embryos. Click here to continue reading. Natalie Higle 08/25/09 0
Judge upholds law requiring doctors to tell women abortion ends life A federal judge in South Dakota ruled Aug. 20 that a 2005 South Dakota law requiring doctors to inform patients that abortion kills a human being is constitutional. Click here to continue reading. Natalie Higle 08/25/09 0
Pro-Life Lawsuit Filed to Stop Obama’s Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research Washington, DC (LifeNews.com)—A pro-life legal group has filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the controversial guidelines the National Institutes of Health used to implement President Barack Obama’s decision to force taxpayers to finance embryonic stem cell research. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 08/24/09 0
Protesters gather at Planned Parenthood in Naples, a day after abortion announcement NAPLES — Anti-abortion advocates gathered outside of Planned Parenthood in Naples on Saturday to express their disgust and opposition to news that the clinic will begin offering abortion services on Sept. 14. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 08/24/09 0
Planned Parenthood worries SD clinic may shut down SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Planned Parenthood is raising red flags that the state could close the only abortion clinic in South Dakota in a matter of days, according to the latest filing in a court battle over a 2005 law that requires doctors to tell women an abortion ends a… Natalie Higle 08/21/09 0
Focus on the Family: Obama Not Working to Make Abortion Rare Nineteenth-century French novelist Alphonse Karr is credited with coining the phrase, but his words ring true nearly 200 years later, especially when it comes to American politics. “The more things change,” he wrote, “the more they stay the same.” Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 08/19/09 0
Pro-Life Groups Disappointed Senate Confirms Pro-Abortion Sonia Sotomayor Leading pro-life organizations are disappointed but not surprised that the Senate, yesterday, voted overwhelmingly to approve Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. Sotomayor is an appeals court judge and pro-life groups say she will likely promote abortion once she is on the high court. The Senate voted 68-31 for Sotomayor… Natalie Higle 08/08/09 0
Pro-life Nurses Group Urges Congress: Keep Abortion Out of Health Care Washington, DC (LifeNews.com)—A national organization for pro-life nurses is joining the chorus of voices urging members of Congress to keep abortion out of health care. The board of directors of the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses is unified in asking Congress to make sure abortion funding and insurance mandates are… Natalie Higle 08/07/09 0
Illinois law now requires minors seeking abortions to inform parents SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — After more than a decade of legal wrangling, Illinois began on Tuesday requiring minors who seek abortions in the state to first inform their parents of the decision. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 08/05/09 0
Parents legally responsible for kids, so why exclude abortion? M y 16-year-old daughter cannot have her tonsils, or anything else in or on her body, removed without my knowledge. In fact, she can’t have any type of medical procedure or surgery done without either my written consent or parental notification in this state. She is a minor, which means… Natalie Higle 08/03/09 0
Ask About Health Care; Abortion, Euthanasia, Rationing Care It’s been a very busy time here in Washington. Fighting socialized healthcare has dominated our work in recent days. In fact, we’ve published more than a dozen items on the topic in this daily report in the past two weeks. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 08/01/09 0
Proposed Ohio Law would require biological father’s consent before an abortion An Ohio state legislator has introduced a bill that requires written permission from an unborn baby’s biological father before an abortion. Rep. John Adams, a Republican from Sidney, Ohio, calls his bill H.B. 252 “Father’s Rights Regarding Abortion,” Politics Daily reports. The legislation has more than a dozen co-sponsors in… Natalie Higle 07/27/09 0
Pro-Life Leaders Mobilize Over 36,000 to Stand Against ‘Abortion Mandate’ Over 36,000 Americans joined a last-minute nationwide webcast Thursday to hear from more than a dozen top-level pro-life leaders about the massive effort to mandate taxpayer-funded abortions as part of a proposed trillion-dollar healthcare takeover. “As a candidate, President Obama said he wanted to make abortions rare. This health care… Natalie Higle 07/27/09 0
Pro-Lifers Blast Attempt to “Smuggle” Abortion Mandates into Health Reform Bill The Obama Administration, working with powerful Democratic leaders in Congress, is trying to smuggle into federal law sweeping expansions of access to abortion on demand, including federal funding of abortion, through “health care reform” legislation, railed pro-lifers Tuesday. “These proposals are a violation of fundamental tenets of our Constitution: that… Natalie Higle 07/17/09 0
Abortion ruling: Illinois’ parental notification law is cleared to be enforced A federal appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday breathed new life into a long-dormant Illinois law that requires physicians to notify the parents of teenage girls before performing abortions. Click here to continue reading. Natalie Higle 07/15/09 0
Pro-Life News: Abortion Drug, President Obama, Health Care, Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells Click here to read about these subjects. Natalie Higle 07/11/09 0
House Committee Defeats Amendment to Stop Obama’s Tax-Funded Abortions in DC Washington, DC (LifeNews.com)—A House committee on Tuesday night defeated a pro-life amendment designed to stop President Barack Obama’s plan to fund abortions in the nation’s capital with taxpayer dollars. The House Appropriations Committee voted largely along partisan lines to prevent restoration of the funding ban. Click here to learn what… Natalie Higle 07/10/09 0
Ohio Poll: Majority Oppose Abortion, Tax-Funding, Say Abortions Hurt Women Columbus, OH (LifeNews.com)—A new poll in Ohio shows a majority of the state’s residents oppose abortion and say that abortion causes problems for women. Sponsored by Ohio Right to Life, the poll is a part of the new Ohio Cultural Index the group will maintain to show how Ohio residents… Natalie Higle 07/08/09 0
Tennessee Planned Parenthood loses government funding for abortions There was a one-sided vote in both the Tennessee house and senate that removed Planned Parenthood’s decades long stranglehold on family planning funds in the Volunteer State. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 07/06/09 0
Ohio Ruling Upholding Abortion Drug Safety Law Applauded by Pro-Life Groups An Ohio Supreme Court decision saying abortion centers in the state could no longer put women’s health at risk by not properly using the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug is earning praise from pro-life groups. The Alliance Defense Fund and Americans United for Life say the decision is good news.… Natalie Higle 07/05/09 0
New Personhood Ballot Drive Launched DENVER — Another “personhood amendment” could be on the Colorado ballot in 2010, just two years after 73 percent of voters rejected Amendment 48, a similar initiative. On the steps of the Colorado Capitol building this morning, the anti-abortion proponents of the new initiative announced the launch of their campaign… Natalie Higle 07/05/09 0
Group pushes for anti-abortion measure HELENA — A Montana anti-abortion group launched a new campaign on Wednesday aimed at changing the state’s constitution to define “personhood” as all human beings “from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.” Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 07/03/09 0
Number of Wis. Abortions Drops for the 5th Year The number of abortions performed in Wisconsin dropped slightly last year to its lowest level since the state began keeping records three decades ago, according to a state report released Tuesday. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 07/01/09 0
Appeals Court upholds Virginia’s partial-birth abortion ban RICHMOND, Va. — In a 6 to 5 decision the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Virginia’s partial-birth abortion ban. This decision reversed a 2-to-1 lower court ruling in May 2008 which struck down the ban. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 06/29/09 0
Pro-Life Democrats Tell Nancy Pelosi: No Health Care Reform with Abortion Washington, DC (LifeNews.com)—A group of 19 pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives have joined together to craft a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The letter contained a non-perfunctory request that the House not advance any health care bill that doesn’t specifically prohibit abortion coverage or funding. Click here… Natalie Higle 06/27/09 0
Researchers Discover New Source of Stem Cells A new study reveals the human placenta, the birthsack that nourishes the fetus in the uterus before it is born, could be an important source of stem cells for curing leukemia, sickle cell disease and other blood-related disorders. Scientists at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California, obtained discarded placentas from consenting… Natalie Higle 06/25/09 0
California Pro-Life Advocates continue Lobbying Against Tax-Funding of Abortion Sacramento, CA (LifeNews.com)—With the massive budget and economic problems continuing in California, pro-life advocates are seizing the opportunity to step up efforts to stop taxpayer funding of abortion. As California public officials struggle with keeping the state government solvent, they say cutting abortion funding is one helpful step. Click here… Natalie Higle 06/25/09 0
Ariz. Legislature approves abortion constraints PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Senate on Tuesday narrowly approved a bill to impose an array of new restrictions on abortion, including a mandatory waiting period and a requirement for state-scripted disclosures by doctors Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 06/24/09 0
Amazing Grace: Parents cradle baby for last time, or so they thought They are holding her as tightly as they can because they know it will be for the very last time. After deciding to turn their six-week-old daughter’s life-support system off, Pete Vincent and Emily Ashurst cradled her in their arms and waited for her to slip quietly away. But Grace… Natalie Higle 06/24/09 0
Adult stem cells are a promising market NEW YORK (Fortune)—When it comes to stem cells, the public—and the media—tend to focus on embryos. But researchers and analysts say marketable therapies already are emerging from less controversial work with adult stem cells. Adult cells make up the lion’s share of the stem cell space, mainly because they are… Natalie Higle 06/21/09 0
The Abortion Movement’s best-kept secret In the wake of George Tiller’s killing, many pundits and pro-abortionists have tried to project the shadow of his assassination onto the entire pro-life movement. A June 2 Associated Press (AP) article titled: “Suspect in doctor killing railed against abortion” exemplifies the attempt. Although the AP professes to be an… Natalie Higle 06/21/09 0
Is Planned Parenthood getting bad rap on abortion? In her guest column appearing in the June 12 edition of The Star Press, Betty Cockrum, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, laments that her organization’s reputation is unfairly judged on the five percent of its work that involves abortion. The rest of her column is devoted to… Natalie Higle 06/19/09 0
Stop funding the Abortion industry in California The California Pro-Life Council has begun circulating a petition addressed to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger calling for an end to state funding of abortions as one means of reducing California’s estimated $24 billion budget deficit. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 06/19/09 0
Pro-Life News: Obama, Abortion, LeRoy Carhart, Futile Care, Terri Shiavo, Ireland, Minnesota To read about these subjects click here. Natalie Higle 06/15/09 0
Umbilical cord blood banking and donations bill passes in Ohio Last Wednesday,  the Ohio legislature passed a bill, 97-0, supporting umbilical cord blood and stem cell banking. This means that the Ohio house has passed an ethical research alternative to embryonic stem cells, according to Steven Ertelt, editor of Lifenews.com. He further writes that this bill will require the Ohio… Natalie Higle 06/10/09 0
More Pro-Life Groups Want House to Reject President Obama’s Intl Abortion Agenda Washington, DC (LifeNews.com)—More pro-life groups are calling on the House of Representatives to reject President Barack Obama’s international abortion promotion agenda. They are opposed to a bill in Congress that would set up a new international women’s ambassador who would promote abortion as an international right. Click Here to Continue… Natalie Higle 06/10/09 0
Anti-Abortion Activists Worry That a New City Law Will Make Their Task Harder The walk from the No. 6 subway station to Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center, in the South Bronx, is only a few steps long, past the Congress Pharmacy, the Gabriel jewelry shop and Marina’s Beauty Salon. But to finally get in means passing by the likes of Julie Beyel. Click… Natalie Higle 06/06/09 0
Pharmacist opposes embryonic stem-cell research AP) — LEWISTON, Idaho - A northern Idaho pharmacist has purchased newspaper ads saying embryonic stem-cell research has been over-hyped and is the wrong approach to finding cures for human ailments. Click here to continue reading Natalie Higle 06/02/09 0
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