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Shut Up And Be             I couldn’t sell ice water to a man stranded in the middle of the Sahara in July.  Well, maybe I could but I’d probably end up talking the poor guy out of it before the contract was signed.  I am not a good salesperson.… Shelley Allsup 12/07/09 0
Pro Life Guys Shelley and Peter talk with Chris Slattery from Expectant Mothers Care Chris Slattery tells what it is like to fight abortion in New York. He is President of Expectant Mothers Care which is a pregnancy help center in New York. They were the first to have 24 hour ultrasound trucks outside of Planned Parenthood. Hear his story of the thousands of… Shelley Allsup 11/23/09 0
Courage at the Mills It’s hard to prepare yourself to go out and announce to everyone you come in contact with that you’ve killed your own child; no matter how accepted it is by today’s society.  Even those who fight for a women’s right to “choose” turn their backs on you the moment you… Shelley Allsup 11/15/09 0
The Prolife Guys Radio Show 10/28/09 Georgette Forney and John Jakubczyk Shelley Allsup 11/11/09 0
A Lesson In Life Living     People tend to tell me the most intimate, personal details about their lives.  My best friend says it’s because I allow them to.  I don’t.  I just don’t shut them down when they start telling me, like she does.  She’ll change the subject, interrupt them in mid-sentence or… Shelley Allsup 11/03/09 0
Letter to My Babies I come to you with a heavy heart the three children that I lost. A moment in which I didn’t reason Thoughtless of the lives that I tossed. Two of my sweet babies are gone. Done away with by my own hand. The third my Lord took from me, in… Shelley Allsup 10/20/09 0
I Cannot Wait To Die           I cannot wait to die.  Pretty morbid, hu?  Also a tad bit crazy.  But before you call the men with the straight jacket to come cart me away for not only feeling this way but boldly stating it publicly…let me explain.        … Shelley Allsup 10/12/09 0
CHOICES I wonder if they worry, as they hurry toward the door Of what they’ll lose, what’s at stake, of what’s exactly in store for them and their young lives, of what they’ll have no more. I’m desperate for some contact, I was them once too Most won’t stop, uncertain, I’ve… Shelley Allsup 10/05/09 0
My Pearl Necklace     “If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away from you. For it is better for you that you lose one of your members, than for your whole body to be cast into Hell.” Matthew 5:29.     When I was a… Shelley Allsup 09/28/09 0
Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone           When I first heard about 40 Days4Life I thought the most difficult thing I would have to do was to stand in front of Planned Parenthood and pray.  But that was before God had me do it alone.  Standing in front praying with others, while… Shelley Allsup 09/21/09 0
The Day I Killed My Baby     I cannot remember what day of the week it was.  I don’t remember the season; if it was hot out or cold.  I have no recollection what the sky looked like; if it was cloudy or blue.  But I do remember how empty and frozen I felt the… Shelley Allsup 09/14/09 0