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Never give in! Over the past week, many of us have read news about the Mississippi Supreme Court ruling stating that their state citizens can vote on personhood. This has not by any means been an overnight success. In fact, there have been years of getting signatures for petitions, praying, educating voters and… Antwion Butler 09/20/11 0
Loving your neighbor The bible teaches us that the greatest commandment is to love the lord with all your heart, mind and soul. The second greatest commandment, according to Jesus, in the New Testament is similar; it is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. With these two laws we get a… Antwion Butler 08/29/11 0
Cut Spending and Save Lives In past few weeks we have seen complete chaos in our financial markets, edged along by the nation’s credit down grade. The thing that confuses me is, if we are trillions of dollars in debt where are we getting the money to pay for preborn executions? The credit agency that… Antwion Butler 08/13/11 0
It’s all in there! What does it take to be a complete human being? Is it your eye color, your hair or height that makes you a person?  As human beings we are all on a constant journey of change. From the moment we begin developing we continue to develop all the way through… Antwion Butler 07/17/11 0
The Humanity Abortionists are quick to talk about the fetus and its viability, often sounding as though they are talking about an alien or at least another species. Dehumanizing the enemy is not a new tactic; in fact, it has been used in the past over and over again.  From slavers to… Antwion Butler 07/02/11 0
Preaching to the pews I have, on occasion, visited large churches in which the pastors later revealed that in the beginning he preached to the pews. It is always hard to believe when you join a large organization, like a church, that it was ever small. A week ago I had the honor of… Antwion Butler 05/28/11 0
Fighting for the right to live You might not think your right to live is in question, but you’d be wrong. We as human being are always looking for new ways to classify ourselves into groups. This generally works out well for those placed into groups of privilege and worth. The problem is of course not… Antwion Butler 05/14/11 0
Fighting for the right to live You might not think your right to live is in question, but you’d be wrong. We as human being are always looking for new ways to classify ourselves into groups. This generally works out well for those placed into groups of privilege and worth. The problem is of course not… Antwion Butler 05/14/11 0
Planned Parenthood takes top honors among legal mass murderers! After reading a few articles on the latest released numbers from Planned Parenthood; it became apparent that some changes in the list of legal Mass Murderers need to be made. When I say legal I mean these murders where done in accordance with the laws of the executioners.  It should… Antwion Butler 04/30/11 0
Making a personal connection When one observes the tragedies that often frequent our world’s most populated areas, such as the horrible earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami, one has the remarkable opportunity to also witness immense acts of kindness and generosity. When these events occurred, the world witnessed the best of humanity, we… Antwion Butler 04/24/11 0
Like lambs to the slaughter “I say and I say it again, you’ve been had. You’ve been took. You’ve been HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, led astray, run amok. - Malcom X These words ring out in my mind as I review the statistics behind the intentional genocide in present day America. There was a time when the… Antwion Butler 04/17/11 0
“Pray and Work” I read an article this week about a pro-life leader being honored in Chicago. The man, Joe Scheidler, is considered by many to be the father of the pro-life movement. While reading the article, I noticed an embedded video with a brief summary of his life. Three words stood out… Antwion Butler 04/12/11 0
Feature the Monthly Call for Life at you next event Next month the Monthly Call for Life will be featured during the G.D.S.F.H Pro-life conference. The event will contain several intermissions during the day wherein attendees will be asked to call or email their representatives, senators and even state legislators. These calls will be used to encourage legislators to support… Antwion Butler 04/02/11 0
Calls for life & Letters for life The Monthly Call for Life & Letters for Life act as constant reminders to law makers that “We the People” cherish and respect innocent life. These actions also remind legislators that it is their duty to protect our constitutional right to life, be it born or preborn.  While we would… Antwion Butler 03/26/11 0
Senate Approves Two Pro-life Backed Bills Antwion Butler 03/26/11 0
United We Stand This week there were some disturbing headlines in the news, in one case a woman participating in the forty days prayer vigil had a fire bomb thrown at her.  Isn’t it strange the crowd that says it defends a woman’s choice, attacks women who choose to disagree with them? In… Antwion Butler 03/18/11 0
Looking within to change the world I’ve noticed that everyone seems to have a routine or maybe what we consider our part in the pro-life movement. During attempts to raise awareness and gather signatures for a personhood amendment; I was shocked to find that many of those who would not sign the petition considered themselves pro-life.… Antwion Butler 03/11/11 0
Life Letters Write your Letter for Life and send it to your representatives as soon as possible       Sending a signed, typed up letter is much more personal than sending an email. It’s easy and fast to do and postage is cheap enough to do this once a month. The… Antwion Butler 03/05/11 0
Volunteer What you can do as a volunteer If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the Pro-Life Unity and Monthly Call for Life newsletter and reminder. Do something every day to help the 4,000 people who won’t survive that day. We need your help to get the word out… Antwion Butler 03/05/11 0
Newsletters Click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter and to receive our monthly reminder to Call for Life. It’s easy and fast! Click here to unsubscribe The Real Choice Join the millions around the world who have taken up the cause to help end abortion. We’re glad you stopped… Antwion Butler 03/05/11 0
Articles & Flyers Join us every month on the first Friday Click here for the Monthly Call for Life Poster in photo format - This file is 1.3 MB big. You can right-click on the link and select “save as” to save it to your drive. This full-size picture prints 13x17. Click here… Antwion Butler 03/05/11 0
Do This First Join the many Pro-Life people who feel like you do, who know that we have to do everything possible to end abortion. Speak together as one, every month on the first Friday. 1st) Sign up for our monthly newsletter and reminder by putting your email address in the box in… Antwion Butler 03/05/11 0
Monthly Call for Life Today marks the Monthly Call for Life, just one week before the senate votes on a bill containing the Pence Amendment; and amendment to defund Planned Parenthood. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen Planned Parenthood marshal its forces with protests, calls to congress and even commercials! If… Antwion Butler 03/04/11 0
Ending abortion Over the last week I have watch some disturbing actions by the pro-choice crowd in the virtual world. This week events where organized on social networks to protest defunding Planned Parenthood. One group in particular has reach over 130,000 active users and at least 13,000 of them joined forces in… Antwion Butler 02/26/11 0
A great victory for life The pro-life movement saw victory today as the House of Representatives voted to defund the nation’s larges abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. They also voted to defund the Healthcare Reform Act; which many pro-lifers believe would spend even more tax dollars funding abortion. In the past when congress had a majority… Antwion Butler 02/18/11 0
Powerful tools for life In January of 1917, the battle for every woman’s right to vote had reached its boiling point. The National Women’s Party had been imprisoned and the hope of getting suffrage must have been hard to hold on to. Even the strongest of us could find doubt at such a time,… Antwion Butler 02/11/11 0
We Can End Abortion Together As if we needed a new reason to call our Representative and demand an end to abortion, the newly released videos by Live Action Ministries helps to make the point. Abortions don’t just take the lives of millions of human beings, using methods that would otherwise be deemed as torture.… Antwion Butler 02/04/11 0
Why Friday & Saturday? We chose the first Friday of every month for the following reasons: 1) Friday and Saturday are the two most common days for abortion 2) The first Friday signifies a new beginning every month, and when we succeed, a new beginning for unborn children to be born. 3) Friday is… Antwion Butler 02/01/11 0