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Gift of Life More Powerful Than Pain                         Honor For Life Awards Gift of Life More Powerful Than Pain Honor For Life Awards With childbirth one thinks of pain. There are some of us that gave birth without pain but that rarely happens. There can be screaming and crying during childbirth but many women continue having children. The joy of a new… Juda Myers 08/04/11 0
Gala Will Honor Mothers For Saving Rape Babies Kimberly Scot, AL. Misty Ramshur, TX. Kimberly Smith, MO. Edith Parkman, MS. Danielle Kleber, PA. and Brooke Bida, TX. are just a few mothers to be honored as heroes. Heroes save lives? These women are no different for saving their baby against society’s death wish. Women who have been raped… Juda Myers 07/14/11 0
Brilliant Response to Exceptions Brilliant Response Against Exceptions for Rape/Incest Published on March 3, 2011 by Juda Myers in Conceived In Rape Stories, News For one conceived in rape the glare of exclusions in laws to protect the “other” unborn is overwhelming. As a rape conceived person I have noticed that there is a… Juda Myers 03/03/11 0
Assoiciated Press: Anti- Abortion Group Targets Planned Parenthood OK, seems everyone is weighing in on the “gotcha moment” at Planned Parenthood.Now another report in VA.  But Associated Press’ minimal post with that title has a definite tilt in favor of Planned Parenthood. It makes one tempted to feel sorry for Planned Parenthood.  The title should have said perhaps,… Juda Myers 02/03/11 0
FBI Probe by Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood as reported in an “exclusive” in The Washington Post By David Crary,The Associated Press,Monday, January 24, 2011; 5:08 PM “has notified the FBI that at least 12 of its health centers were visited recently by a man purporting to be a sex trafficker but who may instead be… Juda Myers 01/27/11 0
The Faces of Rape Conception There is so much controversy with this issue. Mostly people who have not been pregnant through rape are the one dictating what happens in these horrible circumstances. Finally many of us are stepping out and letting our voices be heard. Mothers as well as children in rape need to be… Juda Myers 01/21/11 0
Thank you Catholic Church For Saving My Life I must thank the Catholic Church for being a bold and strong defense for life. My mother told me that had it not been for a priest helping her to safety she would have been forced to have an illegal abortion. Along with the help of a Methodist minister a… Juda Myers 01/07/11 0
MTV Abortion Discussion MTV’s Abortion Episode Juda Myers 12. 29.10 MTV has produced shows called “16 and Pregnant” and Teen Mom where each of the moms chose to give birth to their children. Last night they aired “No Easy Decision” dealing with abortion. In this interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, three young women… Juda Myers 12/30/10 0
A World Upside Down A World Upside Down December 15, 2010 You need only watch TV for a few minutes to see things aren’t like they used to be. Why is our government fighting for all that is bad as though our lives depended on it?  The agenda for change started years ago with… Juda Myers 12/16/10 0
Judge Releases Abortionist After Serving Less Than Half Time Judge Releases Abortionist, Against Parole Board Recommendations Juda Myers 12.9.2010 Against recommendations by the parole board, Supreme Court Judge Gary Nickerson released Rapin Osathanondh. For the crime of killing 22-year old Laura Hope Smith, during a botched abortion in Hyannis, Massachusetts, in 2007, his sentence was six months of incarceration… Juda Myers 12/10/10 0
Sheidler Home Attacked by Pro Choice Feminists Sheidler Home Attacked by Pro Choice Feminists Juda Myers 12.2.2010 Joe Sheidler, director/Pro-Life Action League, known as the Green Beret of the pro life movement, received a cowardly attack last night at his home in Chicago, Illinois. At approximately 2 am December 2, Sheidler and his wife were awakened by… Juda Myers 12/02/10 0
A Case of Rape A Case of Rape Juda Myers 11.25.2010 She was twenty in the Congo living with her parents. Walking out of the shower one day Mary Gilliam found a soldier with a gun, waiting in her bedroom. This was not a story of someone coming home from the war and surprising… Juda Myers 11/26/10 0
Netherlands Pro Abortionists Want to Kill Pro Life Catholic Journalist Netherlands Pro Abortionists Want to Kill Pro Life Catholic Journalist juda myers 11.17.2010 What if a person disagrees with your views? Is that reason for a civilized person to threaten you with death or torture? Well in The Netherlands it seems that is the way to handle disagreements. Pro life… Juda Myers 11/18/10 0
What Rights? What Rights? Juda Myers 11.12.2010 The Lord commands his people to do good. ( Luke 6:35 ; Eph. 2:10 ) Too many church people do nothing and complain later that everything is going wrong. In Matt 21:19 Jesus cursed the fig tree for not producing what it should. He didn’t… Juda Myers 11/11/10 0
Change? Change? juda myers 11.4.2010 Juda Myers 11/04/10 0
I Love Everyone I Love Everyone juda myers 10.31.2010 If anyone has lived any length of time they will find someone who misunderstands them. Sometimes hurt in a person’s life will make everything they see distorted. Insecurities are a huge factor in viewing others wrongly. I want to address an article that was… Juda Myers 10/31/10 0
Response to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Others on “Exceptions” Response to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Others on “Exceptions” juda myers 10/28/2010 Several people have come to me saying,“Did you hear what Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity said?” I can say I have not heard them with my own ears. But it wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve… Juda Myers 10/28/10 0