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Video - Church Repent!  We need to be doing this. Jonathan Darnel 05/05/10 0
Abby Johnson agrees—What Pro-Life Unity does works! Jonathan Darnel 03/26/10 0
Pro-Life Unity February Action Items Thanks to everyone who made the effort to get out and participate in a pro-life march this January, whether in Washington, San Fransisco or your home state. Now it’s time to make good on our promises. Let us not march again next January 22nd. Rather, let us End Abortion in… Jonathan Darnel 02/03/10 0
Read the CHAMPION, Pro-Life Unity’s new monthly newsletter! Jonathan Darnel 01/04/10 0
Michele Bachmann rally at US Capital Thursday, November 5th!!! Representative Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota is calling on Americans to join her in a “town hall” rally on the west steps of the US Capital in Washington, DC Thursday, November 5th at noon to protest anti-life and anti-freedom outrages of the pending health care reform legislation. Bachmann Calls on… Jonathan Darnel 11/04/09 0
Organized for Life Field Agent in Ohio reports….. “Indifferent,” was their reaction.  INDIFFERENCE- THE BIG BAD WORD WHICH CAUSES SO MUCH SUFFERING!  I quickly reached into my car and brought my pro-life material to their attention, showing them the picture of “Baby Malachi,” who was found in pieces after an abortion and was put back together along with… Jonathan Darnel 10/10/09 0
Field Agent from Florida reports….. Jonathan Darnel 10/08/09 0
Field Manual Jonathan Darnel 09/10/09 0
Field Agent Report Form Jonathan Darnel 08/02/09 0